Whether you're just starting out in real estate, or you're a grizzled veteran who knows A LOT of people, 8 Dollar Farming has a plan that can work for you.

All plans are only $1 for the first month - no contracts to sign!

  • $8 - Topic and Outline only - once per month
  • $29 - One e-newsletter per month - up to 250 contacts
  • $39 - One e-newsletter per month - up to 750 contacts
  • $49 - Two e-newsletters per month - up to 750 contacts
  • Volume Discounts and Custom Plans available

$8 Seeds Plan
(Topic & Outline only)

If you're willing do the heavy lifting of taking care of your farm, but you just need some help getting started, this is the plan for you.

You'll get a seedling of a newsletter each month - an idea topic, an outline, and some potential follow-up ideas, based on the same newsletter I send out for my other plans. This also serves as a great reminder each month - once you receive your newsletter seed, it's time to get to work on growing it and sending it out to your contacts.

8 Dollar Farming sends you the newsletter seed each month, which you can use to send out to your Sphere of Influence.

  • Dig deep into a topic, or write an easy-breezy overview.
  • Format and customize the email as much as you'd like.
  • Send to as many emails as you'd like - no limit.
  • One newsletter topic per month.

$29 Fields Plan
(1 per mo / small list)

Maybe you're new to the business, or maybe you just haven't collected a lot of email addresses. Either way, you have lots of room in your fields for a growing business, plenty of room for 8 Dollar Farming to help.

Sit back and relax, while I do all the work for you. I research and write the email, format it for increased readability, add some links, images, and other interesting information, and send it out to your Sphere of Influence on your behalf.

  • One fully-formatted newsletter per month, delivered via email to your Sphere of Influence.
  • Professionally designed and laid out to make for ideal consumption.
  • Emails are sent by an industry leading service - no shenanagins.
  • 250 email addresses - maximum list size.
  • Add new email addresses to your list anytime, up to your 250 limit.
  • Never miss a monthly communication again!
  • Try it out - the first month is only $1.

$39 Crops Plan
(1 per mo / large list)

For the agent who knows a lot of people and wants help staying in touch with them. Your farm has produced crops along the way, but not as frequently or as bountifully as you would have liked.

  • Everything in the Fields Plan, plus:
  • Up to 750 email addresses.
  • Yes, the first month is only $1

$ 49 Harvest Plan
(2 per month)

For the consummate farmer, once per month simply isn't enough. This is more than just staying in touch with your Sphere of Influence - you'll be proactively reminding them you're their go-to Realtor - often enough that they can't stop thinking about you, but not too often to be wasteful of their time.

  • Everything in the Crops Plan, plus more:
  • Two e-newsletters every month.
  • Up to 750 email addresses.
  • $1 gets you started.

$99 Farmers Market
(Volume Discount)

Volume Discount Pricing

Brokers, Managers, Loan Officers - you can "sponsor" 4 Realtors by subscribing them as a group. They can use the Fields or Crops plan (one e-newsletter per month), with up to 750 contacts.

Custom Plan - Contact me anytime if you have more than 750 contacts or want to sponsor a larger number of Realtors.