Every real estate trainer in the world will advise you to stay in regular contact with your sphere of influence. Problem is, that's easier said than done.

Work gets busy. Life gets busy.

Facebook seems like it's where all your friends are, but the truth is you only routinely connect with the same 20 people. Plus, nobody goes to Facebook to read your long article about real estate!

Your blog is a great real estate tool, but most of your acquaintances aren't reading your blog.

Twitter? Please. Unless you run with the uber-tech crowd, it's unlikely any of your old friends has read your real estate tweets.

Next thing you know a couple years have gone by and you haven't reached out to some of those folks you used to know.

That's lost business. And it would have been easy business, too, because these people already like you and trust you. They just forgot about you being a Realtor.

8 Dollar Farming is the solution. Never again will you lose out on a sale because someone you used to know didn't think to call you.

I've been writing and emailing high-quality newsletters since 2004, and I'm happy to write yours for you, too.

- Chris Butterworth

Make 8 Dollar Farming the center of your Sphere of Influence