Thursday, June 1, 2017

Attention is today's currency

We've all heard the phrase "Pay Attention" - it's been beaten into our ears since we were elementary school students! Today it's as true as it ever was, but in a reversal form.

The internet has everything we could ever want (information-wise) --- too much, almost.  And social media is pushing even more at us every day - whether we want it or not.  There's more news, pictures, video, recipes, memes, cat videos, and other crap out there then we could ever watch. But we don't watch it all - we pick and choose what we want to watch, read, absorb... pay attention to!

You can no longer demand somebody's attention - those days are long gone. 

If  you've been fortunate enough to compile an email list of people who want to hear from you (or have expressed interest in hearing from you), you have already received a significant payment. In this world of too-much information, these people have chosen to pay attention - to you!

You need to earn people's attention today.
Earning it is more difficult to do, but the attention you seek is more valuable than it's ever been.

There are tens of thousands of Realtors in your market, and billions of websites available, and your contacts chose to pay attention to you. That's awesome!

Your obligation is to give them their money's worth. (Or in this case, their attention's worth) - Make it worth their while to read your material. Give them good stuff, and they'll continue to pay attention again next month. and the month after that...

- Chris Butterworth